The New Sequel to Alien vs. predator




[…] “What is really radical and different about this statute is that all of the other states’ feticide laws are directed to third party attackers,” Paltrow explained. “[Other states’ feticide laws] were passed in response to a pregnant woman who has been beaten up by a husband or boyfriend. Utah’s law is directed to the woman herself and that’s what makes it different and dangerous.” […]

Utah Bill Criminalizes Miscarriage

In honor of the governing of USA’s States, which gets better and better by the passing days — I was inspired to write this short poem, for all of you men: husbands and boyfriends alike, who have trouble “governing” your own women; and violate the rights they have over their own bodies.

… ahem …

In God we Trust
In God we Believe
Let’s blame the innocent women
After all;
it’s their fault
for being easy to deceive.